Michael Huebener, Inc.
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About Michael Huebener, Inc.

Michael Huebener, Inc. is mostly Michael Huebener. I have been involved with photography in a wide variety of professional and personal roles since age 10, when I started stumbling around in my home darkroom. (Well, it was dark!) That was some time well before the advent of digital graphics.

Photography is a marriage of art and science. The science is invisible to many photographers, but fascinated me. The fascination segued into deep involvement with computers since before the appearance of the Internet. Perhaps strangely, it took a long time for me to make the change from film to digital, but once the change was made, the combination of information technology and electronics knowledge coupled well with digital photography.

I now live in the tiny town of Warrenton, Georgia, west of Augusta. Prior to moving to Warrenton, the smallest town I ever lived in was Boulder, Colorado, a long while back, but even then, it had 70,000 people (when school was in session.)