Michael Huebener, Inc.
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Michael Huebener, Inc.

Creating images with meaning

MHI does many things digital, but we do digital graphics first and foremost. Photography, graphics conversion and manipulation, and general illustration for publication are our primary realm.

MHI is also the company behind The Main Design, an extremely casual art gallery featuring local artists, combined with an extremely casual custom framing shop.

With these new pursuits, it's time to update, to break from my old site that told everyone about my computer skills. Time, however, is a strange commodity; you can't make more of it, and you can't always seem to see where what time you had went. Thus, this is my new fledgling site, which I hope will start to fly soon.

I hope to use this site to educate, too. Give me some time, and I'll post information I hope you will find useful in dealing with the digital world.

If you were hoping I could fix your computer or get rid of some virus for you, that's no longer my prime business - I only do that on a very limited basis for select customers.